"The excitement of bringing home a new family member is so well conveyed in this book. It reminds me of when I first met my beloved black lab, Belle! Although she passed away several years ago, I will always remember the joy I had when I first saw her."

Prince Lorenzo Borghese
Creator of Royal Italian Pet Spa and NuzzlePlanet.com
New York, NY

"There is nothing like the joy of a child getting his or her first dog. Rebecca has captured that in a “Tail about Spike” with the instant bond between Becca & Spike."

"I especially like the way she incorporates in the story the responsibility a pet owner has to the pet to make sure the pet is cared for."

Rod Herrenbruck
Inventor, Talk To Me Treatball and owner Talk To Me Pet Products
St Louis, MO

"The wet licks on your face; the waggy tail hitting your leg; the little beating heart curled up at your feet. Anyone who has ever loved a dog knows how that feels. Take Becca's journey as she just begins to experience what is almost indescribable!"Judy Crowell
Former TV Shopping Channel Host, and animal advocate for The Rolling Dog Ranch and Sanctuary
Tampa, FL.